Best Places To Visit in Denver Colorado.

Do you like sports, art museums, historic attractions or a lively music scene? Then it may be a good idea to consider visiting Denver Colorado has it offers all these plus more. So, what are some the best places to visit in Denver, Colorado?

Denver Mountain Parks and Red Rocks Amphitheater
These parks were established to preserve and protect scenic land around Denver for future generations. There are many things to do and see in this place including fun activities, outdoor adventures, and fun activities from climbing, camping, mountain biking and hiking. You can also be able to see huge herds of elk and buffalo in Genesee Park.

Denver Zoo
This place is home to hundreds of animal species and sits on 80 acres. The zoo has animal species from all over the world including carnivorous, reptiles, primates, pachyderms, fish, and birds. The zoo is also ideal for those visiting with kids especially on a sunny day.

Washington Park
This is a green urban park that serves as an outdoor space for outdoor and recreational activities. It also gives people a chance to see the city’s heritage through preserved historic architecture. In fact, Washington is the most beautiful places to visit in Denver.

This park sits on 155 acres of land and has two beautiful flower gardens with one being a replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon gardens, 2 lakes, and facilities such as lawns, tennis courts, picnic spots, and a recreation center. Locals of Denver use Washington Park for jogging, walking, biking and so on. The park is also a center for social events and community programs.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
This museum focuses on educating children and visitors about Colorado’s natural history and Rocky Mountain region as well as the Earth and Universe through scientific study.

Denver Museum of nature and science hosts a variety of exhibitions, displays, educational programs and interactive activities which enable you to explore, ask, learn and discover. The museum has over one million objects in its collections. Education programs cover the following areas: paleontology, anthropology, zoology, geology, space science and health.

Mount Evans
If you are in need of fresh air, then it may be a good idea to consider climbing Mount Evans. The fresh air and amazing views at the peak of Mount Evans will knock any remaining cobwebs off you. If you visit during spring, you will see beautiful flowers with any remaining snow at the top. You can also be able to see some mountain goats.