Featured Speakers

 David Bennett
David Bennett
Chief Information Officer
Defense Information Systems Agency
 Chris Chilbert
Chris Chilbert
Chief Enterprise Architect
Department of Homeland Security
 Shawn Kingsberry
Shawn Kingsberry
Chief Information Officer
Recovery, Accountability and Transparency Board
 Mark Krzysko
Mark Krzysko
Deputy Director, Acquisition Resources and Analysis, OUSD/AT&L
Department of Defense
 Tarrazzia Martin
Tarrazzia Martin
Senior IT Transformation Executive
Department of Housing and Urban Development
 Herb Strauss
Herb Strauss
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Social Security Administration
LTC Bobby Saxon
LTC Bobby Saxon
Division Chief and Program Director
U.S. Army G-3

Big Data: No Longer Hype, but a Tangible, Impacting Reality

New for 2014: 12 interactive roundtable discussions with government moderators (DoD, U.S. Army, DISA, GSA and more)


Since the launch of the 2012 Big Data Initiative, where the government invested over $250 million in Big Data throughout its federal agencies, we have seen the benefits and opportunities in this technology. Everywhere from border control, to health care records and scientific research, Big Data is playing a pivotal role in accomplishing critical missions and objectives.

The amount of data the government faces is at its highest ever and less than 1/3 of federal IT executives believe they have sufficient Big Data strategy. Big Data for Government & Defense will be an excellent opportunity for CIOs, IT Directors, Program Managers and more to express the latest government challenges, strategies and initiatives relating to federal Big Data. Hear from those closest to these developments as they speak on topics including:

  • Advancing data mining processes
  • Increasing server storage capacity
  • Big Data security
  • Cloud-like infrastructure to support Big Data

We are also very excited to host a Data Visualization Focus Day! Engage with leading DHS, DoD and DOE scientists who are at the forefront of data visualization advancements in the context of defense and government. Find the solutions you need to transform large data sets into visual, actionable intelligence.

With so many new Big Data developments just this past year from various U.S. defense and government agencies, now is the time to understand the trends, their subsequent effects and what the future holds. Come join us as we hear the perspectives from the government, military, academia, and industry.

Military and government personnel can register for the 2-day main summit for just $50. This offer expires soon, so act fast. To register, email DinaAly@idga.org with your full contcat information.

New Features for 2014 - See Brochure for Full Details

Roundtable Discussions

Listen to three dedicated speakers during the 1.5 hour rotating session. Each roundtable session, per track, will be facilitated by a speakers including Government end users, strategic vendors or a product showcases.

Chief Data Officer Panel (Wednesday, February 25, 2014 at 2:10pm)

  • What CDO means at a federal level
  • Integrating the role into your leadership
  • Lessons learned and future challenges

Moderated by: Greg Elin, Chief Data Officer, Federal Communications Commission

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